Restaurant Gift Certificates: $1.60 for $10

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Restaurant Gift CertificatesRestaurant Gift Certificates: $1.60 for $10

…time to stock up on Restaurant Gift Certificates!!!! Right now at save BIG on $10 certificates!..get them for $1.60 each…. YOU ARE PAYING $1.60 TO TAKE $10 OFF YOUR BILL!!… this is about as low as they get….. because of these sweet little certificates, we get to go out to eat about once a week. You will use coupon code GIFTS to get you your $10 certificate all the way down to $1.60. You can read more about them HERE and when you are ready to stock up (they take paypal, yeah!) …then to to We love to take these when we dine out with another couple…then when you split the bill AFTER this coupon is applied, each couple ends up paying almost nothing (ok, well …something, but something that is a lot closer to nothing than it was if you hadn’t had the certificate, right? ). Offer valid through 12/12/12 only, so hurry.

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