Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Train Pan for $24.95

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Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Train Pan for $24.95

Here’s what we have been up to today… making Christmas Train gifts for friends and family …so fun! I ordered with Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Train Pan set off of Amazon, and I just love it! I was also happy to see that it is on sale right now for $24.95 (reg. $38) I ordered it because it gets such great reviews and thought this would be such a fun activity… plus we just love trains around here! The recipe that comes with it is so affordable (and easy!) and actually …very yummy! We have had so much fun getting creative with all of the different ways to decorate this set … it’s been a wonderful activity for our family this weekend! We used pretzel sticks as logs, candy rocks to fill some of the train cars with, so much fun!

*I did notice a Polymerose 9 Cavity Silicone TRAIN Baking Mold Pan set for $11.99 + $3.99 shipping (its the same set, just make of Silicone) so this is another option for you, I just can’t give you my opinion, since this isn’t the one we tried, but looks to be the same molds. This one will NOT arrive in time for Christmas, but the Nordic Ware one above will (with Prime for sure).

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  1. OMG KL, she is so adorable! Happy Holidays to you and your family :)

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