Kids Headquarters Clothing Sale at Zulily | Darling Sets starting at $9.99

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Kids Headquarters Clothing Sale at Zulily | Darling  Sets starting at $9.99

Some wonderful finds in the Kids Headquarters Sale going on right now at Zulily! I ordered an outfit from them last time they were featured on a deal site, and I was so happy with it … very high quality, plus you can’t beat the prices in this sale … adorable sets starting at only $9.99. *keep in mind that this item might NOT arrive by Christmas.

<—$15.99 for this cute outfit!

Kids Headquarters — up to 70% off

When something is done right, it doesn’t need to be flashy or over the top. This is the motto of Kids Headquarters, and it shines in their dedication to making great apparel for boys and girls. Designed with fun in mind, they craft durable and easygoing clothes that know the value of being comfortable. There’s something to be said for quality that’s made to endure.

And of course… lots of other fun stuff at  Zulily today, as always!

Use coupon code: PRMOCDZU53 for an extra $5 off a $50 purchase OR coupon code: CHPSEEKZ35 for 10% off of your order of $50 or more.

Zulily is another site that features “flash sales” … quick closeout sales of designer kids items. These are things that I could never (or would never) afford to pay full price for…but I love finding these unique things at bargain prices!

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