Gingerbread Keurig K-cup 24 Count Box for $10.99

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Gingerbread Keurig K-cup 24 Count Box for $10.99

As you know, I am a huge fan of K-cups, and Cross Country Cafe has quickly become my favorite source for K-Cups…but they also have a few other products that I really like! Every Wednesday they have a Wacky Wednesday Sale.

Today they are featuring Gingerbread Keurig Kcup coffee which is on will be on sale for $10.99 per box of 24 (today, Wed. December 5th only!) These are $18.99 on Amazon for an 18 count box, and they get GREAT reviews.

About:  A delicious seasonal Keurig Kcup coffee that you will look forward to every year. With the taste and aroma of fresh baked gingerbread this coffee is a welcomed treat!

Plus, I have to share with you one of my FAVORITE finds on the Cross Country Cafe site … they sell cups, and not only that …their cups come in a package of 10 biodegradable 10 ounce paper cups, 10 plastic lids and 10 hot sleeves all for only $5.99!

This package is great to have on hand for on the go! Great for kids soccer games, in the car, take hot cocoa sled riding or trick or treating, a walk with a friend or coffee on the beach on a cool day ! You can truly feel like you are enjoying a coffee house beverage with these quality cups, lids and sleeves. Save time and money with your Keurig brewer and our perfect package of on the go cups!

I add one to my order each time I stock up, as these are the perfect cup to grab for on the go and I love the price!

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