Adopt a Puppy Figures – Set of 14 Puppy Figures for $4.54 Shipped!

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Adopt a Puppy Figures – Set of 14 Puppy Figures for $4.54 Shipped!

Here’s another fun find, great for stockings and or party favors, or even just to tuck away for rewards. Get these  Adopt a Puppy Figures – Set of 14 Puppy Figures for $4.54 Shipped! The reviews look pretty good and it also appears that this one ships quick, so hopefully they will arrive in plenty of time for the holidays.

I ordered a set because I am going to put them into the Carnival Crane Game toy (we LOVE this toy, by the way) They are the perfect fit and the crane picks up one almost every time! I think I will save some of these for Easter Egg goodies as well!

I also grabbed this 10 pc Set of Cute Finger Puppets for $4.98 which includes shipping!  (reg. price is $19.99)

These are a great find to pick up for stocking stuffers or even little gifts for neighborhood children, classmates for friends. These might be cute on the top of a pencil or they would also be very easy to send through the mail. A fun little find at a great price!Finger Puppets

You will find this, and other fun deals in my Stocking Stuffer category (so you will be able to go here to see my latest stocking stuffer finds)

Not only are they awesome to grab and tuck away, but come the holidays, I find that I am always excited that I have built up quite a stash for donations as well

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