UPS My Choice: Love this FREE Service for Tracking Packages

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With the holidays coming, I wanted to remind you again about this awesome FREE service, called UPS MY CHOICE…. ..I LOVE it!!  I wanted to show you just how cool this FREE service is. Below is an image of a delivery alert that I got  letting me know that a gift we had ordered was arriving. I was REALLY glad to get this alert, because the birthday party was that evening! We were out an about that day and thanks to the fact that my email goes to my phone, I got the alert and knew that we would be good to go with party gift:

The days can get crazy around here, and I get a lot of packages, as you can imagine.  I wanted to make sure that a) I didn’t miss it, and b) that it didn’t get left sitting on my porch all day. It is SO nice to know when things are coming, and I love that they give you an actual time frame.  As soon as the package gets dropped off, you will also get an email letting you know that it was left.  This package did not need a signature, but I receive many that do, so this service comes in really handy in those cases!

UPS My Choice is awesome and FREE! Love it.  As you know, I work with many companies doing product reviews and such…and this can mean quite a bit of mail. It means that I know my UPS guy by name and it also means that we have a pretty good routine when it comes to deliveries. (when they will arrive, where he will put them, etc) However… this new service is an amazing way to actually have a bit more control since things don’t always go as planned.

You can sign up here for free. (yes, it’s free! There are other options for paid services, but the free option works just right for me.) They literally send you an email regarding EACH package: where it is, when it will get there, if there was a delay… everything all via email. I also love that you can suggest a time change (in case you are not home) or you can also schedule to have a package delivered to a UPS store pickup location (although I do think there is a small fee for this, but might be worth it depending on your situation). I hate feeling like I have to wait around for packages, and this awesome service has totally freed me of that!

*Disclosure: This is s sponsored post, but these opinions are all my own 😉

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