Monchhichi Sale at Zulily

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Here’s a fun blast from the past,  Monchhichi sale at Zulily today! I can still remember the tune to this commercial, and if you need a refresher, check out this old Monchhichi commercial on your tube, totally brought me back quite a few years!


Everyone’s favorite furry friends have been going strong now for over 35 years, and this delightful collection combines the original Monchhichi appeal with whimsical new outfits that your little ones will fall in love with. One look at their adorable faces and you’ll be transported back to a time of Saturday morning cartoons, vintage lunchboxes and your favorite childhood toys.

Use coupon code: ZULILYGA04 for an extra $5 off a $50 purchase OR 10% off your order of $50 or more with coupon code: RETMEZU884

Zulily is another site that features “flash sales” … quick closeout sales of designer kids items. These are things that I could never (or would never) afford to pay full price for…but I love finding these unique things at bargain prices!

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