Connecting Flights A Must See Movie #ConnectingFlights

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Connecting Flights A Must See Movie #ConnectingFlights

Have you heard about the new movie Connecting Flights? It looks SO good and of course it caught my attention because both of the main characters are BLOGGERS! For several years now, when I meet people and tell them what I do, they look at me a little crazy, and then I have to explain that yes, blogging really IS an occupation. However, I have noticed that in the past year, less and less people look at me like I am nuts for making a living this way… so it is no surprise that they are actually featuring bloggers and the characters in which they center this movie around!

In case you haven’t heard about the movie (or even if you have!) make sure to check out this clip from their Sears promotion… so funny:

This just makes me want to see this movie even more, it just looks like my kind of movie. I love that it centers around an airport meeting, as I have spent so much time in airports these last few years and have actually met quite a wide variety of people in the process. Airports are such a hub of diversity, and you just never know who you might end up sitting next to, or what their story might be. It’s really all about connections and meeting special people when you get the chance. I actually have several facebook friends now, that I have met through my travels…one in fact who actually grew up in my town, although we never knew each other. We met on a flight and talked the entire time, and we still keep in touch. (Hi Barbara!)

I am really excited to see this movie, and I just love the commercial… Sears did such a great job on the creative, it makes me even that much more excited to see this film. How about you … do you want to see Connecting Flights?

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  1. Keri Lyn, I would very much like to see “Connecting Flights” if it was really a movie and not just a very clever and most appealing commercial. Do kindly let me know if it is made into a movie. Thank you.

  2. sharon Taylor says:

    I am very upset as i too really wanted to see this movie. However, that fact that it is a clearly designed commercial only helps me to avoid Sears that much more!!!!! And, every time I see the commercial, it raised my blood pressure and upsets me that it is wasting TV time!!!!!

    Sears — you have stooped to the lowest and to think I was thinking about venturing into your store since my sister-in-law found some really good deals for Christmas gifts. Not me, you have turned me off!

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