Winner, Winner, WINesday #2: K&Company Pretty Pink SMASH Folio Review & Giveaway!

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UPDATE:CLOSED…and the winner is:

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Product Name: The SMASH Folio BY K&Company

The SMASH Folio with embossed chipboard cover stores all of your favorite things in ultra-girly fashion. But these aren’t just your ordinary journal pages, they’re covered with romantic imagery and “you’re a lady” captions to make design a snap. Like a mint julep on the veranda. Includes 40 pages and a SMASH pen and glue stick. Book size is 7.75″ wide x 10.25″

My thoughts? Smash it… as in, smash all of your favorite things, memories, moments and notes… LOVE it.

I love journals and I tend to be a bit picky about them… they must be: Well made, pretty, durable and just the right size. This one passes ALL of my “must be’s” and then some. This thing is SO COOL! It comes with a pen that is both a pen and a glue stick, because…well, you just never know when you might need to plop something in there that needs to stick, like a concert ticket or a photo, right? These are the neatest journals… great size, great fit.. so durable and you will love the look and feel. I can get pretty gushy over cool stuff like this and I am gushin’ all over the place for this one. 2 Thumbs up from moi!

Where to purchase? So excited to report to you that I just spotted these on Amazon for $9.74 and they ship free with Amazon Prime. And guess what? Everyone else gushes about them too … 5 star reviews out of 18 reviews!! I will be giving these as gifts, so neat.


The Giveaway: ONE lucky SheSaved readers will win their very own  SMASH Folio BY K&Company

Here’s how to enter:

Entry #1: Leave a comment answering this question: What would you smash into YOUR Smash journal?

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… I will leave this giveaway open until Sunday night at 10pm, September 30th (mnt time) if you can still comment…you can still win! … once closed, I will select one winner who will have 48 hours to contact me to claim their prize! GOOD LUCK!!

*Disclosure: I did receive  this same Smash journal to facilitate my review. These opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by another person.


  1. I scrapbook every trip y boyfriend and I go on, this would be perfect for on the go travels! Small and portable for tossing in a bag and pasting in movie stubs, instant pictures, all spur-of-the-moment adventures!

  2. I would do a Smash journal about what I am loving RIGHT NOW. Or Dreams for my house.

  3. I would put my calligraphy quotes in it!

  4. I already like you on FB!

  5. I subscribed to you in Google Reader!

  6. I would make it one about our daughter (she’s having a rough time right now) she’s 12, but dealing with moving and all.

  7. Already a fan on FB!

  8. Already liked on facebook

  9. katrina garcia says:

    i would give this one to my niece!

  10. katrina garcia says:

    Im a fan on fb! thanks for the giveaway!

  11. I love the idea of the SMASH folio, I’ve been wanting one for a while. I would use it for a inspiration/thoughts journal. I love printing quotes I like and writing down random insights I’ve gained, it would be nice to have somewhere to SMASH it! 😉

  12. katrina garcia says:

    i subscribed to your daily email newsletter!

  13. I like you on facebook.

  14. i would smash the upcoming fall/halloween season-we will be doing a ton of stuff from baseball to hayrides and everything inbetween!

  15. I would teach my daughter how to record things going on so she could look back when she gets older

  16. I would put my favorite Bible verses in it!

  17. Hannah Weiss says:

    I would Smash about my life and my crafts.

  18. I like you already on facebook.

  19. MiChelle Gibbs Cain says:

    I would smash all the beautiful things my BabyRo says, does and brings to her Mimi.

  20. I already “like” you on Facebook.

  21. I subscribed to your newsletter.

  22. I would cram anything and everything in here! My last journal was just a plain paper notebook but I used a gluestick and stuck in movie and concert tickets, pictures, birthday cards, notes, recipes, flyers from events, postcards, feathers i found, etc.. Literally everything!! It gives a journal a very comtemporary feel and allows people to express a–possibly secret–artistic side!!

  23. Oh, and I already like you on facebook AND am subscribed to the newsletter :)

  24. Would love to document what is going on with my family now?

  25. I would smash the latest vaction my family took

  26. Kim Ladehoff says:

    I would fill it with my granddaughters wonderful quotes and pictures.

  27. Kim Ladehoff says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter

  28. Kim Ladehoff says:

    I like you on FB

  29. Kim Ladehoff says:

    I like you on Facebook

  30. I like you on facebook

  31. I get your emails

  32. My scrapbook materials!

  33. This would be awesome for my daughter for Christmas!!

  34. I like you on FB.

  35. I am an email subscriber.

  36. I would try and document things that happen throughout the year… instead of just throwing birth announcement, wedding invites, etc. in a bag to sort later! :)

  37. Ive always wanted to start doing this! Thanks for the try.

  38. I would actually love to win this for my mom for Christmas. She has been wanting one since before they were available. I know she would LOVE to have it!

  39. I like you on FB

  40. I subscribe to you via email (feedburner).

  41. I follow you on Facebook already 😉

  42. i would use it to write my quiet time notes in it

  43. i subscribe via email

  44. i like she saved on fb

  45. I would smash every pretty thing (or interesting thing) that I see!

  46. I follow you on FB!

  47. Candace Chavis says:

    I would love to “smash” about all the things my little one does and says and where he goes.

  48. I would totally make a memory book of all the fun stuff my girls and I do together. I love keeping track of memories and I’ve had my eye on this book for a while.

  49. I already like you on FB…I actually LOVE this site! :)

  50. I just subscribed to your email!

  51. I would give it to my daughter for college memories.

  52. Heather Gilchrist says:

    I would smash my pregnancy into the journal!

  53. I like you on Facebook.

  54. I would use it to store memories of my family of six! :)

  55. I already like you on Facebook!

  56. I would use it to document all of the adventures I am having in college with my friends!

  57. Already liked you on Facebook!

  58. Subscribed to your newsletter!

  59. I already “like” you on facebook.

  60. I already receive your emails.

  61. I just started scrapbooking and would love to build a inspirational one for my son so he can look at while out in college in a couple years.

  62. I am a RSS Feed subscriber.

  63. I like you on Facebook

  64. I would smash quotes and inspirations.

  65. scriptures that helped me get through hard times, pics of things i want in my house when i get it, and b4 and after photos of me losing weight

  66. I’d smash all my party ideas/swatches/magazine clippings.

  67. I follow the rss feed!

  68. I “like” she saves on facebook!

  69. i am a facebook fan

  70. i receive your emails

  71. my sister will love this

  72. I would smash my life as a mom and missionary! Bible verses, photos,projects!! I follow you on fb and I am subscribed to your email!!

  73. I’d put pretty much EVERY thought & every beautiful thing into there!!!! I’d stuff it full!!!!! :)

  74. My girls LOVE the smash books. If I won this–I would either keep it to start one for me, or maybe use it as a prezzie for someone!

  75. I already liked you on Facebook! :)

  76. Just subscribed to your daily feedburner! :)

  77. I’d love to journal about my 2-year stint in TX.

  78. I subscribe via email.

  79. I like you on facebook.

  80. I would put memories of my children in it.

  81. I would ‘smash’ my notes.

  82. Like you ob Facebook.

  83. Dolores Olsen says:

    I would smash recipes and all the good things and sayings that someday someone will find in an old box and treasure it until the next person gets it.

  84. Dolores Olsen says:

    I get your daily e mail. I look forward to it.

  85. Dolores Olsen says:

    I like you on facebook

  86. I would smash pictures in the journal.

  87. I subscribe to you

  88. I like you on FB.

  89. I would smash life to be able to look back and see all the good memories or I might give it to my niece for Christmas.

  90. I am an RSS feed subscriber.

  91. I am a facebook fan of SHESAVED!

  92. kristina cowart says:

    I liked you on facebook

  93. kristina cowart says:

    I would add anything about my two little boys to keep as a cherished memory

  94. kristina cowart says:

    I already subscribeibe to your blog

  95. Good present for my daughter.

  96. Photos and momentos of all kinds :)

  97. I subscribe to your newsletter!

  98. I like She Saved on Facebook :)

  99. I would love this journal to be able to write love notes to my awesome boyfriend and to vent a little too! I love making little scrapbooks out of ordinary journals but this journal is better than ordinary. I love it!

  100. I would smash all my concert and event tickets…What a great way to keep them all in one place, instead of cluttering up my desk drawer!

  101. Thoughts, poems, and tickets to things we’ve gone to.

  102. email subscriber

  103. like you on fb-debbie coyle

  104. I would use it as my gratitude journal! So cool!!

  105. I would smash my latest photos- as it is going, smashing them is all the time I have to scrapbook!

  106. I like you on fb

  107. I subscribe to you in my google reader

  108. I’d make a Smashbook of my 3 year old. He’s starting to say and do funny things. I’d like to make a book for him to flip through when he’s older.

  109. I’m a fan of SheSaved on Facebook.

  110. I would “smash” memories… photos, drawings from kiddos, etc

  111. I subscribe to your daily e-mails.

  112. I “like” you on facebook!

  113. I would smash my photography 😀

  114. I also subscribed under :) (And by my photography, I meant I would take macro photos, flower photos, nature, portraits, etc, smash them into subsections!)

  115. I also like you on FB 😉

  116. I would SMASH dreams for my children!

  117. I also like you on FB

  118. I subscribe to your daily emails.

  119. Went to NYC with mom and the kids this summer and brought back tons of mementos and pictures. They would find a happy home in this awesome Smash Folio.

  120. I like She Saved on Facebook.

  121. Love getting your emails, full of savings! Thanks!

  122. I would love to do a “holiday” smash folio, with all our holiday pictures over the years!!

  123. I like she saved on facebook!

  124. I’m an email subscriber!

  125. I would put quotes & inspiration pics in mine

  126. I am email subscriber

  127. “Like” SheSaved on Facebook

  128. I think I would give this to one of my daughters.

  129. I subscribe to your emails.

  130. I’m an email subscriber. Thankyou, Pam

  131. I’d save it for a special occasion or vacation and then smash all my memories in it.

  132. I follow SheSaved on FB.

  133. I receive your daily emails.

  134. I would love to make one for my daughter who is graduating this year!

  135. I follow you on Facebook!

  136. This would be perfect for our family time together and inspirational quotes.

  137. I subscribe to your daily emails!

  138. I’m an email subscriber

  139. I follow you on FB

  140. This would be nice for my daughter’s First Communion memories.

  141. I subscribe via email.

  142. I like you on fb.

  143. This would be great for all my memories with my daughter

  144. I subscribe to your RSS feeds

  145. I like She Saved on facebook

  146. I would put in stuff about my children’s daily antics

  147. I like you on Facebook

  148. I subscribe to the emails

  149. I would smash my weight loss journey in there…document my progress with pics.

  150. email subscriber

  151. I already like you on facebook.

  152. I’d give it to my daughter for Christmas. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  153. I subscribe to SheSaved via email

  154. I like SheSaved on FB
    Sue Hull

  155. I would put things that my husband and kids gave me…pictures, drawings, etc…that are important to me. :)

  156. I receive your emails!!

  157. I follow you on FB!!

  158. I would use it to journal my experience in nursing school

  159. I am an email subscriber

  160. I follow on facebook

  161. I’d smash my womens group journaling homework.

  162. I’m an email subscriber.

  163. I like you on facebook.

  164. I’d love a place to keep may daily thoughts and the pictures my nephew and the kids I nanny draw for me!
    I suscribe and like on fb!

  165. My daughter’s art and pictures.

  166. Angela Wells says:

    I would try and keep up with how many hours I read blogs and watch tv lol. And like the description said on Amazon this book is for people that don’t think their creative and that is me to a tee!

  167. Angela Wells says:

    I liked you on facebook.

  168. Angela Wells says:

    I get your rss feed on my google reader (angelchi)

  169. I would love to create a journal of all the cakes that I make.

  170. I would smash my priority lists and projects/ideas. I’m always looking for a way to capture the all the clippings, pictures, random thoughts that I find and get them into one “creative” place. It would help pull down alot of sticky notes around by house :)

  171. I like you on Facebook

  172. I subscribe to your emails.

  173. I will use it as my 2013, 3 things that happened today that I’m grateful for journal.

  174. I would use it for stuff for my kids!

  175. Get your daily emails!!

  176. Following you on fb!!

  177. I would smash with the family. My daughter and I have our own books we started smashing in recently, but the boys want in on the fun. We were just talking about doing a joint smash book where we pass it around and smash on random pages so it’s a jumbled festival of suprises when it’ finished and we all look at each other’s work…

  178. I like She Saved on Facebook.

  179. Ashley Vazquez says:

    I would use this to journal everything important that is going on in my life right now, which is a lot! It’s never too late to start doing this for my children to read someday 😀

  180. Ashley Vazquez says:

    I like you on facebook 😀

  181. I would love this to tell a little about myself then pass to my daughter and hope she can do the same someday. Keep a history of the strong women in out family.

  182. I already like/follow SheSaved on FB

  183. I already subscribed to SheSaved

  184. Tara Liebing says:

    I would put my favorite memories in it I would out everything that my son and I do so he can look back at it when he’s older. I have a horrible memory so if I write them down we can read about them

  185. Tara Liebing says:

    I am an email subscriber

  186. Tara Liebing says:

    I like She Saved on facebook

  187. I’d put in random thoughts and ideas so that I don’t forget them.

  188. I get the e-mail newsletters.

  189. I like shesaved on facebook.

  190. I have a niece who lives far away. I would use it to for her.

  191. Already subscribe to email.

  192. Liked on fb! That’s how I saw this!

  193. Rebecca White says:

    I would use this to journal with my personal devotions and faith in it.

  194. Rebecca White says:

    I have liked you on facebook.

  195. Rebecca White says:

    I am subscribed to your newsletter.

  196. I like SheSaved on Facebook!

  197. Andrea Mullins says:

    I would give it to my daughter to use for her trip to Hawaii this winter.

  198. Andrea Mullins says:

    I like you on facebook.

  199. Andrea Mullins says:

    I get your emails.

  200. I would use it for keepsakes.

  201. I am an email subscriber.

  202. I would use this book to Smash things that are just about me-favorite quotes, clippings from magazines, etc.

  203. I would smash my year of celebration for turning 50.

  204. I already like She Saved on Facebook.

  205. I subscribed to the daily email updates.

  206. stuff of my kids, family stuff.

  207. Iam an email subscriber.

  208. I like you on facebook

  209. Pictures of the my kids.

  210. all my outings with my grandkids.

  211. I follow she saved on facebook

  212. This would be great for my daughter’s dance competitions

  213. I subscribe to your emails

  214. I like you on facebook

  215. nikki hatfield wilson says:

    I would smash my everyday ramblings and drawings my kids make or recipes I find.

  216. nikki hatfield wilson says:

    I follow you on facebook

  217. nikki hatfield wilson says:

    I am an email subscriber already. Thanks.

  218. I would smash my giveaways and memories (especially of my daughter’s last 2 years of high school).

  219. I like She Saved on Facebook.

  220. My daughter loves to journal. I would give it to her and let her smash away. It would probably soon be filled with dreams and pictures of horses.

  221. I follow you on fb.

  222. Pictures, movie or concert tickets!

  223. I am a subscriber!

  224. I like you on facebook!

  225. sheri grennille says:

    i would smash our girl scout adventures.

  226. sheri grennille says:

    email subscriber.

  227. sheri grennille says:

    i like you on facebook.

  228. I would smash lots of positive quotes and sayings in it.

  229. E-mail Subscriber

  230. I like SheSaved on fb

  231. our family trips

  232. I like you on facebook

  233. rss feed subscriber

  234. I subscribe via Google Reader.

  235. I like SheSaved on Facebook.

  236. I would give this to my wife so she can create a family memory smash!

  237. I get your RSS feed.

  238. I like SheSaved on Facebook.

  239. I would make a smash of my favorite things for the future; like a dream board.

  240. I get your daily emails.

  241. I like you on FB.

  242. I would smash special memories or things my daughter says

  243. I already subscribe to your daily email newsletters

  244. I like SheSaved on facebook

  245. I’d let my daughter “smash” her things in it.

  246. I subscribe to your daily email newsletter.

  247. I would smash my mom’s recipes!

  248. I’m an email subscriber!

  249. I would add memories from my 4 year old twins.

  250. I am an email subscriber.

  251. I like SheSaved on Facebook.

  252. I Like SheSaved on Facebook…. I love your site!

  253. I am an email subscriber!

  254. I would smash (into the smash journal) little flowers picked by my 2-yr-old or letters (real letters) from family members!

  255. I love these books! I would record the things my little one is starting to say and do!

  256. I like your page on facebook.

  257. melissa holske says:

    i would add special notes/ drawings from my 5 year old

  258. melissa holske says:

    i am an email subscriber

  259. melissa holske says:

    i like your facebook page :-)

  260. I would just keep personal notes in it

  261. I liked you on fb

  262. i would journal fun things the children say/do. i never have something to write them in when they do and this would be highly portable :)

  263. and i’m already a fan on facebook!