*HOT* $2.00/$6 Newly Released Lemonade Yogurt and Chiller Flavors

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This month, Red Mango released four new Lemonade frozen yogurt and beverage flavors… yum!  These newly released flavors will only be available for a limited time, and include:
Lemonade Frozen Yogurt
Frozen Lemonade Chiller (beverage)
Frozen Pomegranate Lemonade Chiller (beverage)
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade Chiller (beverage)

I am a huge lemonade fan, so these sound delicious to me … and I love that they are 100% all-natural. No artificial favors or colors. Nonfat. Gluten-free. Kosher. No cholesterol. We don’t have a Red Mango in my town (boo!) but I always keep an eye out for them when we travel … such a yummy treat!!

Even better…head on over to the Red Mango site here and give them a few details… and you will score a high dollar coupon worth $2.00 off of your next purchase of $6.00 or more!!

If you love Red Mango, then you will want to make sure to follow them on facebook!  Not only are they quite entertaining, but they also release some great offers and coupons from time to time … and it’s the best way to make sure that you don’t miss out!

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