She’s Crafty: Valentine’s Day Critters

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I love holiday related crafts … it’s something that my kids and I enjoy doing together and I love tucking them away each year so that I can reflect back on them as my kid’s grow. It’s so fun for them to pull out their old craft projects and decorate with them!

Guest Post: Trish from Mom on Timeout created this darling craft, and I am so excited to have her here to share it with you!!

Valentine’s Day Critters:

1. Make three pom poms using the instructions here. They can be any size, any color.  Brush the pom poms with a comb to separate the yarn fibers and make the pom poms fuzzy.

2. Use hot glue to glue on googly eyes and a nose. I used a small pom pom for the nose.

3. Cut off two small pieces from a pipe cleaner. These pieces will be glued to the pom poms.

4. Pull the yarn apart where you want to insert the pipe cleaner.

5. Put a lot of hot glue on the end of the pipe cleaner.

6. Insert the pipe cleaner and press the yarn around the pipe cleaner.

7. Repeat until all three pom poms are glued together. The pipe cleaner can be bent so you can make your crtter curve around if you would like.

8. Use another piece of pipe cleaner to create antennae. You can even shape them like a heart! Add a cute little bow and your Valentine’s Day Critter is ready to be enjoyed!


About Trish: Trish is a very blessed Mom (self proclaimed!)  to two darling little boys ages 5 and 3.  She loves sharing her favorite recipes, DIY projects, and fun crafts for the kiddos with her readers. If you get a chance,  enjoy your timeout with her on her blog, Mom on Timeout!

Thanks for stopping by Trish!


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