Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden $11.08 Shipped

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I just wanted to share that the price has dropped again on the Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden on Amazon. It is on sale right now for $7.97 and shipping is $3.11 (*reg $24.99) and ships FREE with Amazon Prime…. and worth EVERY penny, imo!)… and you can decide WHEN you want to receive your caterpillars so I made sure that ours came when we would be home to watch the entire cycle. (and just to give you an idea of how awesome this kit is … out of over 390 reviews on Amazon…it has almost a 5 star rating!) You can order this now (awesome price!) and then order your actual Larvae to be delivered when the timing is right for you in the spring or summer. (or if it is warm where you are now (lucky!) then you can probably do this year round.)

When you receive you kit, you will also be given a certificate to go online and order your larvae when you want them (I scheduled ours around our vacation last year) The certificate allows you to get them for free, but you do have to pay shipping (I think ours was $3… so worth it!!)

Honestly…this is one of the neatest things I have ever seen… we love it so much that we are doing it again this year!

Thanks The Thrifty Mama!


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