Back to School Giveaway Bonanaza Starts Aug. 9th . . .

…Can you believe that summer is almost over? I cannot believe that school will be starting in a couple of weeks. My son will start Kindergarten and I am certain that it is going to come too soon (it already has!) …but he is excited, and I am thankful for that!

…while I am a bit bummed about that fact that my “baby” is starting Kindergarten, I am excited as well. Such an exciting time! I am also excited to celebrate the new school year by participating in an awesome giveaway event …… The Back-to-School Giveaway Bonanza!
I have teamed up with eleven fellow blogging moms to celebrate Back-to-School in a BIG way. Twelve blogs. Twelve generous sponsors. Over one hundred prizes to be won…..awesome!!

The event kicks off on Monday, August 9th. All week long, giveaways will be posted on each blog with chances to win some incredible products!! The prizes include back-to-school essentials, of course, and have been carefully selected for kids ranging from preschool through college. There will be something for everyone!

I am so excited to be working with such a neat group of bloggers…. and I would like to introduce them to you:

  • Julie from Angry Julie Monday
  • Tara from Deal Seeking Mom
  • Amy from Fashion Cents for Mom
  • Shannon from For the Mommas
  • Liz from Hoosier Homemade
  • Holly from iGoBOGO
  • Alyssa from Keeping the Kingdom First
  • Cindy from Living Rich with Coupons
  • Charlene from My Frugal Adventures
  • Tricia from Once a Month Mom
  • Tracie from Penny Pinchin Mom
  • You can keep up with all the details over on Facebook at our official Back-to-School Giveaway Bonanza hub, and/or follow the hashtag #b2school on Twitter.

    Some of the amazing sponsors have already been announced, including…
    Mabels Labels, Crocs, Goodbyn Lunchboxes and Agoo Apparel. There are eight more to come, so be sure to “like” the page for updates!
    Are you looking forward to the kids returning or are you a little sad?

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    • Kelly Peters

      My son would LOVE the blue Dell!! Thanks!

    • Lara Sanders

      My son would love the red.

    • Catherine B

      I love Promise Pink!

    • Jenna M

      My son thinks the BLUE laptop is super cool!

    • Jennifer Harding

      I would like to enter the Dell giveaway! After going to the site. My son , a real Gentleman and the oldest of 7 homeschooled children would flip for the Peacock blue Dell!

    • Crystal Freeman

      We love the blue! Thanks :-)

    • sue nodes

      My daughter would love the pink and my son the blue.. Do we enter the same here as on the other blog?

    • Lisa

      What an awesome giveaway–with four kids in the house we never seem to have enough computers–BLUE

    • Sabrina

      With 4 homeschooled kids one of these would really be great to win. The Blue is so beautiful!!

    • aimee

      My kiddo would love the blue laptop!

    • Nilsa

      I would love the blue one since I am returning to school to work on my doctoral degree!!!

    • Harmony B

      My son loves ths blue

    • Leslie

      well my kiddos are way to little to be typing it up on a PC, but the big kid I married is going to be attending school in fall & is in need of his own computer (preferably one not bookmarked w. coupons hee hee! ) to perform CAD & other design specific PC gear!!!!!!

      I am thinking he is not a fan of bubblegum pink, but would love a nice blue!!!!!

    • Jessica

      My kids would love the blue!

    • Karla

      I would love the Promise Pink for my 15 year old niece who is living with us at the moment. Thank you for allowing us to enter

    • Lindsay

      My daughter would love the pink Dell!

    • Shirley Hurlburt

      My daughter would love the promise pink. thanks

    • Anna

      Promise Pink for us!

    • Sarah Powers

      Promise Pink please …

    • Jenn Corneliussen

      Thank you so much for this opportunity! We would love the Peacock Blue!

    • Heather

      I love the promise pink one!!!

    • Maggie M.

      I would pick peacock blue.
      Thank you!
      Maggie M.

    • Lily

      my son would love the peacock blue. thanks.

    • Tina

      Definitely pick one!! I follow you on Facebook!

    • katie schneider

      Blue is so cool!

    • Jenn Corneliussen

      I follow you on facebook! Thank you so much for this opportunity! We would love the Peacock Blue!

    • Jenn Corneliussen

      I follow Dell on facebook. Thank you so much for this opportunity! We would love the Peacock Blue!

    • Michelle Foster

      There is no doubt that my daughter would want PROMISE PINK! :-)

    • Kristi Lamarque

      Tomato Red for my twins please

    • lea anne

      Blue would work best since I have a boy and a girl! Thanks!

    • Kristi Lamarque

      I liked Dell on their FB

    • Kristi Lamarque

      I also follow you on FB

    • Danielle

      My kids (2 boys & 1 girl) would LOVE the peacock blue! :)

    • Christie

      My kids love the red one!!!

    • christy M

      Peacock Blue or promise pink please!

    • christy M

      I also follow you on fb :D

    • Crystal Freeman

      We love PINK! Thanks :-)

    • Crystal Freeman

      I’ve ‘liked’ your facebook page

    • Coley2123

      Would absolutely love to win this item – he color choice would be blue but any color will do… thanks for the opportunity!

    • Crystal Freeman

      And, I’ve ‘liked’ Dell’s page on FB

    • Kerry

      My daughter and I would love the promise pink, but the entire family would probably like the peacock blue. :)

    • Linda Brooks

      my child and I would love the promise pink! thanks for the wonderful givewaway!

    • Kerri

      My boys would love the blue one, but my daughter and I would love the pink one!!

    • Jessica

      I love the pink!

    • tina bibeck

      my family would love the blue one. dell’s website has a bunch of neat colors

    • emanuel addison

      i would love to win the peacock blue dell thanks so much

    • Ashley Byers

      I would pick the pink!

    • Ashley Byers

      I’m a facebook fan!

    • Ashley Byers

      I liked dell on facebook!

    • Erin

      Its bittersweet but I’m glad my older ones are going back to school I am doing kindergarten readiness with my youngest so he will be more than ready to join them next year at their school. Its a half home/half learning center program!

      and did I miss something I thought the question was about our kids going back to school not the color of the laptop. but my daughter the oldest and my high schooler would like the pink I know and since she would be the one using it.

    • Jenn Trusty

      My girly would love pink

    • Christina

      My son would love the blue!

    • Amy Tollefson

      Liked your FB page and my daughter would like the promise pink

    • joan cordon

      I would love to win the blue dell laptop for my son.

    • Kris

      Tomato red – how fun!!

    • mary simonton

      would love the pink one thanks

    • Kelli Hulon

      would luv to win the red laptop

    • Tammy

      I would choose blue for my son!

    • Tammy


    • Angie

      We would LOVE the Tomato Red one! :)

    • Kelly

      I like the pink

    • Kelly

      I love the pink one!

    • marci

      i like the blue one!!! :)

    • Cheryl Christian

      I would like the peacock blue dell for color

    • Angie

      Liked your page on fb!

    • Angie

      Fans of “Dell” on fb!

    • Cheryl Christian

      I follow you on Facebook and I follow you on Twitter

    • Christine

      Great giveaway! My family would love the blue!

    • Allison

      My boys would love the blue laptop

    • marci

      Follow you on FB :)

    • marci

      Follow DELL on Facebook!! :)

    • tabitha aresco

      i follow u on fb and like dell pink one is awsome ty

    • desi

      they all love the Promise Pink

    • angela

      Woule like the blue or pink!!!

    • melissa almaguer


    • ashley griffin

      my family and i would love the blue one. thank you for the chance to win.

    • Rhoda

      We would love the pink one (for two girls) or the blue one (for one boy).

    • Rhoda

      I subsribed to your email.

    • Jane

      Would love the blue laptop

    • Samantha C

      My son, who I can’t believe is entering middle school, would love the peacock blue. Thank you for the giveaway.

    • Kelly S

      I would pick pink for my daughter

    • Stacie Pherigo

      Our 6 kiddos would love the blue :)

    • Jessica

      Love the blue! Although red is a close 2nd…

    • Jamie S.

      My son said he would want the Tomato Red lap top Thanks for the chance to give him a computer!

    • Rhoda

      I follow you on facebook

    • Rhoda

      I follow dell on facebook.

    • Kelly Jewell

      My duaghter would love a pink dell laptop…thanks

    • Samantha C

      I am following you on facebook. TY

    • Samantha C

      I am following Dell on fb.

    • Lesie Parra

      My son would LOVE the cherry red dell!!! (:

    • Lesie Parra

      Added you to my yahoo!

    • Lesie Parra

      “Liked” you on FB!!

    • Brandi T

      Love the blue!!

    • Carissa

      I would love the blue one!

    • Carissa

      I follow Dell on FB

    • Carissa

      I follow you on FB

    • Stephanie M

      I would love the pink one. So girlie!!!

    • Brandi T

      I “liked” you on Facebook.

    • Ashley

      My daughter would love a laptop in her favorite color…pink!

    • Ashley

      I’m following you on Facebook!

    • Brandi T

      I already follow Dell!

    • Ashley

      I “LIKE” Dell on Facebook!

    • Angela Phalen

      I would love the red one!

    • terri

      My sone and I agree on the peacock blue.

    • Kelly

      Blue or red. I would let my sone pick since it would be for him.

    • Jennifer

      My girls would LOVE the pink one! :)

    • April Hooper

      My 11yr old would love BLUE! My younger daughter will be starting K too..and even younger son will be in Pre-school!! I’m excited and sad…they are growing up but it will be the first time in 11 years that I’ll have mornings free!!!

    • Jennifer

      I like you on FB! :)

    • Heather E.

      I’d love the red one!

    • Heather E.

      I like Dell on FB

    • Deanna H

      I would love the pink one. It is my all time favorite color.

    • Deanna H

      I follow you on FB

    • Jodi Hill

      My boys would love the peacock blue one and my daughter would love the promise pink!

    • Jodi Hill

      I like Dell on Facebook

    • Deanna H

      I follow Dell on FB

    • Jennifer Brewer

      I like Promise Pink.

    • Jennifer Brewer

      I like Dell on facebook.

    • Ashley F

      My daughter LOVES the pink one

    • Ashley F

      Following on Facebook

    • Ashlea

      I would love the red one!!! :)