>Nintendo Wii 5in1 Pro Grand Slam Sports Kit for FREE … Just Pay Shipping….

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Nintendo Wii 5in1 Pro Grand Slam Sports Kit
What’s in the box?
Baseball Bat, Tennis Racket, Golf Club, Additional Wii Remote Strap, Wii Remote Adapter

free … you just pay shipping….

(they show this as having a value of $79.99 … yeah. anyway … )
..shipping is $5.99 … which sounds about right!
(we did this deal last time around and were very happy with it… if you are familiar with these parts…they are basically “shells” to hold your Wii remote…they really have no other function than to make you feel like you are holding a golf club, bat…etc. )
It is the WIRELESS daily deal at 1SaleaDay.com and it will probably go quick …
… it JUST started so you could be in luck if you hurry!!

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